Fulton Burner Control

Fulton Burner Controls is a family of electronic devices with integrated functions for the safety and the control of combustion in oil and gas appliances. Fulton burner controls enable users to achieve significant fuel and emission savings over conventional systems. Fulton Controls ensures that combustion efficiency is optimized at all firing rates. Due to the use of variable frequency drives electrical consumption and further improvements in combustion can be achieved.  

All Fulton Burner Controls achieve maximum efficiency, low maintenance and low energy usage.

For customers who only want the best in the field of oil and gas burners, ITT Controls also delivers Fulton Burner Controls. Fulton stands for premium quality, reliability and durability. All Fulton products are approved in accordance with international standards for power plants, oil and gas, boilers and furnaces and other industrial applications.

Years of experience with mixing of combustion air and fuel have led to a combustion head Fulton developed that guarantees a pure and stable combustion. This will give high performance, low emissions and maximum savings. ITT Controls can help you to make the right choice burner. In addition, ITT Controls also supllies parts of Fulton Burner Controlss.

Fulton Burner Controls are in the range of 16 kW to 1050 kW. Fulton Burner Controls lit with a Optimaz label and have a DUO PRESS fan system with or without a SILENCER. They also have self-closing air valves and an electronic ignition transformer. The combustion efficiency can be as high as 94% for some boilers in this series is exceptional.

If you want more information about Fulton Burner Controls please contact the sales department at info@ittcontrols.com

Schlumberger Controls

The history of the brand  Schlumberger begins in the early 1900. Around 1930 the brand made​​ a leap forward and this technological innovation is still continuing. Technical challenges include Schlumberger deepwater operations, collateral flow, tapping unconventional sources, processing of heavy oil, enhanced oil recovery, high pressure and high temperature challenges, carbonate reservoirs and real-time operations.

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Johnson Controls

For products and parts of Johnson Controls you came to the right address at ITT Controls. Johnson Controls is more than 125 years at the forefront of energy efficiency. Johnson Controls offers quality products and solutions for energy and operational efficiencies of buildings.

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McDonnell & Miller

ITT Controls also supplies products and components made by McDonnell & Miller. McDonnell and Miller are now part of ITT. The range of McDonnell & Miller includes several products for the petrochemical and process industries. McDonnell & Miller specializes particularly in Boiler Controls and power switches.

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Suntec Pumps

ITT Controls supplies pumps, pump components and valves of the brand Suntec. With production facilities in America and Europe Suntec is a leading provider of precision components for oil burners.

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